Kendal man's lake and mountain challenge raises £6,000 for good causes

A RECOVERING brain tumour patient has raised more than £6,000 for charity after a 13-day challenge which saw him take in 68 lakes and tarns and 39 mountains and fells.

David Collinson, of Kendal, completed the marathon 220-mile walk - climbing a total of 40,00-feet - on Sunday.

The 52-year-old solicitor was inspired to under take the challenge while being treated for a benign brain tumour at Sheffield’s Hallam hospital, which he was diagnosed with two years ago.

The money will be split between cumbria’s Mountain Rescue teams and the hosital in Sheffield.

The married father-of-four averaged 15 miles each day with a 20lb rucksac on his back and said: “It was great. There was lots of climbing involved but I was well-prepared. A memorable moment was stopping at the top of Red Pike and looking down into Buttermere. It was breathtaking. I took in the most magnificent views and it was lovely to listen to the sound of cuckoos in the valleys.

“My wife and children are very proud but I do not really think it has sunk in for me yet,” he said.

The weather was good throughout his challenge, but he said he was ‘knocked off’ his feet one day by an 80mph gust.

But he said the most difficult part of the challenge was an eight-mile trek in Longsleddale before getting to the start of his walk.

He said: " It was a long slog for three hours, but once I was at the start of the walk I felt postitive. My spirits were never low.”

Mr Collinson, who has walked all of Wainwright’s 214 routes more than twice, got his head down for the night in five-star hotels, as well as youth hostels and also friends’ homes - spending only £120 in just under two weeks.

He said: “The support I got was excellent and all the people who put me up - mostly for free- were fantastic.”

The ascent which he climed was more than climbing Mount Everest but Mr Collison added: “I was really well prepared and knew what I was doing. I felt fine after when I finished it.”

Mr Collinson is now planning to pen a book on his walk and experiences.