Bridge Holidays


Our bridge holidays have been running for over 15 years and continue to prove extremely
popular, offering something for players of all levels.  Certain things are common to all bridge holidays, the main priority being to enjoy yourself, so the atmosphere will be competitive but friendly.

But you come to learn as well as to play, so every day there will be a competition of some kind, tuition on one of the theme subjects of the holiday, together with a discussion of a few of the previous day's more problematic hands - and often there’ll be the chance to play prepared hands on the subject of the tutorial.

We have our own exclusive bridge room, the Brathay Room, and a private dining room, and, although we don't play for master points and the direction is very low key, the small prizes for winning a competition are very much sought after.

Finally, it would be a great pity to be in such a beautiful location without the opportunity to see some of the local sights, so late morning and early afternoon are always left free for you to do whatever you wish.